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scalable and adaptable lighting solutions that are brighter than the sum of their parts


Scalable and adaptable lighting solutions that are brighter than the sum of their parts

Experience unmatched luminary quality, efficiency and lifespan through smart-engineered LED architecture.

Optimize lighting operation through real-time monitoring and powerful dimming & lighting planning across thousands of luminaries.

Serve a wide range of lighting functionalities, geographies and grid conditions through Juganu’s wide selection of new and retrofit JLED sizes and wattages.

ABOUT US Making the world a brighter place


Juganu was started by a team of serial entrepreneurs who identified the LED market as ripe for technology innovations that would greatly enhance lighting experiences while driving massive cost savings. Our team’s combined 25 years’ experience in high power, solid state electronics, high-speed control systems and complex wireless networks is the bedrock of our company culture.

About Company picture
  • We take nothing for granted
  • We are committed to revolutionizing the LED industry
  • We are focused on delivering high ROI to our global customers
  • We believe in creating lighting experiences that people will enjoy

Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality light with the greatest savings through revolutionary JLED technology innovation.

At our headquarters in Kfar Saba, Israel, we smart-engineer our LEDs using 3 design principles that push beyond the limits of today’s LEDs:

  1. We focus on basic R&D innovations in luminary componentry. Our luminaries are designed from the inside-out to be modular, lightweight, and low-heat emitting while sustaining high light quality.
  2. We design each JLED luminary to serve as a robust building block of larger systems. Our advanced luminary componentry feeds actionable information into Juganu’s proprietary and scalable wireless-management & control system, which in turn optimizes & controls individual luminaries and the entire lighting network.
  3. We create all JLED luminary solutions for the ultimate goal of meeting our customer’s needs. Our systems are designed specifically for all professional lighting environments to deliver brighter lighting at dramatically lower cost.

Rigorous testing by leading labs and in the field have proven JLED luminaries maintain exceptional lighting power and quality – and sustain unmatched energy savings.


How can we do it better? We ask this question of every component, feature and process – and ourselves.

Creating perfect lighting experiences is our passion and we leave no stone unturned. We select our team members based on their can-do attitude, technical expertise, commitment to customer service and the ability to sustain our vision of delivering better lighting with less energy. To achieve superior results, our team identifies key business requirements of light system owners and the daily needs of people who live, work and play in these environments. Through innovation of JLED luminaries and our management & control system, we create JLED lighting solutions that boost energy-efficiency, lengthen lifespans, and drive operating and maintenance costs lower.



Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality light with the greatest savings through revolutionary JLED technology innovation.

In addition to reducing energy consumption while providing bright lighting for people, our mission serves the larger role of helping save the planet by transforming LED lighting into a highly efficient and sustainable solution.

Our JLED systems take lighting to the next level, creating environments that are pleasant and impactful, as well as efficient and manageable. Our lighting products must save energy at scale while meeting the needs of people who want safety, brightness and more enjoyable lighting experiences.


    Raising the bar and setting quality standards - thinking outside the box


    Creating truly innovative & comprehensive solutions


    Focus on delivering delightful experiences for customers, cities & people


    Harnessing science to develop breakthrough technology


    Building long-term relationships with customers, cities & people


    Responsive to community and environmental sustainability


Eran Ben Shmuel
Chairman & CEO

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Physics, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology; 15 years of experience in technology innovation, and owner of multiple patents in Physics and Algorithms. Expertise in solid state electronics and high-speed control systems. Eran founded two other companies previously with Alex and Yossi in the RF consumer and defense sectors.

Alexander Bilchinsky

B.Sc. in Computer Science & Physics from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; 15 years of experience leading R&D and IP strategies, and owner of multiple patents in Physics and Algorithms. Expertise in solid state electronics, high-speed control systems and software design.

Yossi Bechor
VP of R&D

25 years of experience developing and bringing to market state-of-the-art, mission critical communication systems for the defense industries. Previously, Yossi was Director of Product Development (Microelectronics) at Elisra, and VP Engineering & CTO at Talla-Com Industries in Tallahassee, Florida.

Bentsi Algazi

B.Sc in Physics & Mathematics and an MS.c in Business Administration, Hebrew U. 20 years of executive experience in global operations and R&D management; Previous experience include Power paper, Metalink and Gilat Satellite Networks.


Light is a source of life.

Light empowers people to experience and engage the world more fully, and live richer, more satisfying lives – studying, walking, working, gathering, playing, and talking.

Light helps people feel safe, learn and grow.

Our Philosophy picture

With light, there is much more than meets the eye – Light is everywhere and used for many things. City lighting systems must serve citizens’ diverse needs for illumination, safety, leisure and productivity. Street lights must be bright, safe and reliable – especially in extreme weather conditions. Office lighting must provide well-lit environments for effective work and collaboration. Supermarkets require bright and pleasant lighting modules suited to different in-store departments. Industrial and storage buildings served by high-bay lighting require a well-lit and safe environment for workers. Parking lots need to offer high-reliability lighting 24x7. And gas station lighting must both attract customers from a distance and provide maximum safety for people and their cars in a compact and busy commercial area. We believe high-quality LED lighting that answers these needs using less energy and at lower cost will positively transform communities and the people living in them.

At Juganu, we are not just designing new LEDs, we are rethinking lighting experience – and we feel proud building a brighter and more sustainable future.

SMART-ENGINEERINGRedesigning LED from the ground up


Through constant innovation and smart engineering, the Juganu team created JLED technology, a complete and revolutionary solution for professional LED lighting with unprecedented energy efficiency and perfect lighting stability over time at a competitive price.

JLED mitigates loss of LED efficiency and damage sustained at higher operating temperatures with an innovative cooling architecture that achieves unmatched cooling impact, reduces maintenance cost and enhances user safety.

  • Convection conduction methodology
  • Sandwich heat conduction topology
  • Fins geometry & layout
  • Passively directed airflow
  • Reduced Maillard effect and dramatic impact on optics clarity
  • Lower weight for each street lamp, ease of installation and maintenance
  • Prevents accumulation of dust or other potential pollutants
  • Performs well even if air flow is not possible or prevented

JLED retrofit kits utilize heat transfer topology and passively directed airflow, enabling effective cooling and unmatched efficiency.

  • Convection conduction methodology
  • Sandwich heat conduction topology
  • Fins geometry & layout
  • Passively directed airflow
  • Real replacement of high power lighting
  • Safe and complete regulatory approvals
  • Lower costs by fitting to existing lighting fixtures
  • Customers keep their favorite designs
  • Dramatic impact on system efficiency, sustainability of light and product life

Sophisticated power supplies and drivers support higher system efficiency, flexibility and control.

  • Adjusts LED operation point, based on real-time testing of LED impedance
  • Algorithms measure input voltage and current, and change the driver resonance timing and other characteristics
  • Driver’s teaming controlled by microprocessor
  • Improved robustness to voltage fluctuations & unstable power grid
  • High efficiency and power factor at peak power and while dimmed down
  • High power in small size.
  • Full flexibility for different applications
  • Full regulation for double shielding

Secondary optics topology combined with novel lens design maximizes system efficiency (from AC to light on the floor), and improves light quality and product life.

  • Novel optics designed in accordance with regulations
  • Secondary optics layer
  • Optics coatings for maximum light transparency and lifespan
  • Light beam angles controlled
  • Single barrier between LEDs and the target (e.g., the floor)
  • Precise implementation of light, directing light where needed, as much as needed
  • Carefully selected materials allow for many years of operation in high UV conditions


Juganu’s monitoring and control software enables users to scale JLED benefits across thousands of luminaries, optimize lighting systems to unique customer needs, and gather operational and consumption data that enables proactive and preventive maintenance and cost-effective maintenance-team deployment.

Users may set system-wide lighting strategies in advance, control multiple on-off and dimming states, and gather operational and energy consumption data.

  • Various sensors measure motion, speed, temperatures and other parameters, and adjust dimming settings automatically in accordance with lighting schemes
  • Integrated sensor/actuator system
  • Unlimited lighting schemes and programs through sophisticated GUI
  • Lighting schemes in accordance with time, car or human movement and other parameters
  • Gradual lighting changes for increased safety

Full luminary control boosts lighting formation efficiency, provides early warning of possible failures and allows proactive maintenance planning.

  • Synchronized mesh or dynamic frequency star topology
  • Proprietary algorithms allow reliable and scalable connection of tens of thousands lamps in single network
  • Dynamic IP allows easy connection from any point in the world to single system
  • Lamp body as antenna and switched antenna arrays
  • Enhanced transmission gain, signal to noise ratio and thus higher data rate transfer
  • Each luminary provides real-time accurate information at the componentry level about each individual luminary’s status, light production, failure warnings, and constant convergence to the exact desired output under dynamically changing working conditions


Juganu designs its JLED luminaries and wireless management & control system to be adaptable to the specific requirements of all major professional lighting segments: municipal, commercial and retail lighting. As a result, Juganu's lighting systems are extraordinarily stable and bright while generating the highest savings in the lighting industry.

JLED’s lighting solutions are designed for unique environments to maximize lighting intensity, efficiency, lifespan and cost savings

  • All luminary parts allow full flexibility for specific technical and design requirements
  • Full connectivity allows extra services, such as dynamic sensor network on lamps
  • Lighting formations may include many kinds of fixtures
  • Full control of lighting formations, both indoor and outdoor allows for optimized additional savings

PROVEN RESULTS Better lighting for less energy

Juganu’s innovative luminary designs, and wireless management and control system have demonstrated results in the field, and been subjected to rigorous lab testing





  • High system efficiency of 110-150 lm/W
    High lumens per watt means lower investment for same lighting power, and shorter ROI
  • Expected fixture life is greater than 100,000 hrs
    Longer fixture life reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Lower fixture body heating (30-45C)
    Longer product life and enhanced safety
  • Light reduction
    3-10%, depending on new fixture or retrofit
  • High efficiency dimming
    Dimmed lights maintain high efficiency power usage, resulting in continued savings
  • Lower weight fixtures
    Up to 60% lower weight, allowing for faster installation
  • Wireless control & management
    • - Connects up to tens of thousands of luminaries in a single network
    • - Enables basic actions: on/off and dimming
    • - Enables advanced features such as multiple dimming schemes, maintenance plans and history, performance management, and more
  • Hybrid power consumption
    Network may draw power from a variety of energy sources
  • Diagnostic and healing functions
    Wireless network monitors individual luminary components for warning signs and failures, and can perform self-repair functions
  • Dynamic-spot technology
    Spotlight can follow a lone driver on seldom-used roads, saving over 90% of electricity cost
  • Collective light technology
    Collective lighting formations increase efficiency
  • Recycling-enabled
    Parts are designed to be replaced and recycled

Industry-leading energy, lighting and testing companies have demonstrated dramatic energy savings while increasing lighting impact

JLED technology not only saves energy but lowers maintenance costs

The smart-engineered luminary architecture is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The management & control system monitors each luminary continuously at the component level, and generates actionable Information about luminary and system health and performance. Maintenance teams can be dispatched for preventative upkeep – well before costly outages occur. Each luminary’s cooling system and the algorithms that optimize the power drivers serve to extend the product lifespan and significantly reduce the need for replacement and labor costs.

SOLUTIONS Bright ideas for every industry



Office lighting must be cost-effective while providing a well-lit environment for effective work and collaboration. Supermarkets require bright and pleasant lighting modules that are adjustable within each department. And retail lighting systems must create bright, warm and comfortable shopping environments, while being flexible enough to adjust to the requirements of localized selling areas. Different products and displays require adjustable lighting to best promote them.

Juganu offers specific JLED luminaries that meet the needs of all major indoor lighting applications



City lighting systems consist of thousands of luminaries, which must serve citizens’ diverse needs for illumination, safety, leisure and productivity. Street lights must be bright, safe and reliable –capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Juganu’s management & control system enables municipalities to optimize large lighting networks made of diverse luminaries down to the component level for maximum brightness and savings.



Industrial and storage buildings require high-bay lighting that provides well-lit and safe working environments. Industrial lighting must be adaptable to a wide variety of building dimensions and ceiling heights.

Juganu’s industrial JLED solutions are flexible enough to enhance the brightness and safety of any building, and scalable across diverse lighting environments.



Gas station lighting serves a dual purpose of attracting customers on the road from a distance as well providing maximum safety in and around the premises. Outdoor lighting helps illuminate gas station signs as well as provide safety for drivers in and out of their vehicles. Gas station retail stores require indoor lighting that creates a hospitable shopping environment.

Juganu’s gas station JLED solutions utilize multiple luminaries and sophisticated management & control technology to increase brightness and safety at dramatically lower cost.



Outdoor parking environments require durable, intense JLED street lighting solutions with the ability to direct light everywhere, including corners and hard-to-reach areas, which enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians.

JLED indoor lighting provides bright, reliable and pleasant illumination for 24x7 parking lot operation.

PRODUCTSInnovation down to the last detail


Juganu product families serve any specific application in terms of size, shape or requirement. All types of luminary products, from HB's to different T8, T5, PL's and 8-inch lights will illuminate shopping areas and highlight products while generating a desired atmosphere, and creating a pleasant shopping experience. Upgrading retail stores to JLED products will create the most advanced light experience tailored to each retail environment, as well as generate up to 85% in energy savings.


JLED street and road light solutions are highly efficient, providing 150 lumens/watt and are rated at over 100,000 MTBF. Juganu street lights are designed with a low drag factor, offering low resistance to high winds, which enhances pedestrian and driver safety and decreases maintenance costs. JLED street and road lights run cool, under 45C°, which further extends product life. The embedded communication module boasts seamless and reliable communication with the overall wireless system. Smartly designed, JLED street lights are lightweight, and easy to install and maintain.


Juganu's product line of high-bay (HB) fixtures for factories, warehouses and large spaces, are designed to create pleasant and safe work environments in areas that require high-intensity lighting, must withstand harsh conditions and operate for long hours. All JLED HB products are extremely efficient, lightweight and easy to install. JLED HB luminaries provide 130 lumens/watt and are rated at over 100,000 MTBF, ensuring work spaces enjoy bright light while lowering energy consumption 85%.


Juganu offers indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to meet the unique needs of gas station environments. Gas stations require outdoor lighting for high-visibility signage, high-bay lighting for the pumping area and street lighting for access and parking lots. Indoor lighting is also required for gas stations’ convenience store and office areas. Juganu’s gas station solutions have proven to save 85% in energy consumption.

GLOBAL RESULTSAdaptable to local market infrastructure and preferences

Juganu provides “localized” LED solutions, making JLED technology available and cost-effective to the world market.

Juganu’s product architecture is adaptable to fully address the needs of local habits, customs and regulations. JLED modular products are easily adaptable to fit feature and application preferences in accord with local market demands.

The JLED architecture and its state-of-the-art components sustain environmental and grid quality impact within any electricity infrastructure around the world.

JLED architecture and manufacturing methodology is designed for rapid establishment of local production in any market and geography.

SUCCESS STORIESDelivering results in the field



Villa Nueva, located 16 km south of Guatemala City, is the second largest city in Guatemala with more than 700,000 people. Villa Nueva’s city management made a strategic decision to save energy while improving lighting quality and safety for its 700,000 citizens. Villa Nueva’s key requirement was to generate energy savings and improve billing data, delivering lower costs for the municipality and its residents. Juganu’s management and control system allows the city to improve billing analysis and save costs while improving safety and lighting experiences throughout the municipality.


After comparing different technologies and vendors, Israel’s leading retailer, Big Shopping Centers, chose Juganu to replace existing lighting fixtures in the company’s parking lots. Parking lot lighting must operate 24x7, withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, including extreme heat and dust, while also providing bright illumination with no reduction in light over time. In addition, Juganu’s JLED fixtures had to meet unique photometry requirements for all types of parking space configurations and areas, in order to ensure safety and security for all patrons. Juganu’s end-to-end solution met all of Big Shopping Centers’ robust requirements while saving the company up to 85% in energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs.


Following an extensive technology evaluation and after interviewing multiple vendors, Sonol – Israel’s second largest oil distributor – selected Juganu to replace all lighting fixtures throughout its entire chain of 90 gas stations. Sonol’s key decision factors in selecting Juganu were JLEDs’ unmatched energy efficiency, lighting quality and design. Certified by US, CE and the Israeli Institute of Standards, Juganu’s solution and technology proved to be the safest and most energy-efficient, while also providing the brightest lighting experience.

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