Empowering a Digital Future
with Edge Solutions and AI Applications

Connected, Productive, and Safe Environment, Indoors and Outdoors, at a Fraction of Cost and Time.


Global strategic partnerships:

Empowering a digital future with Edge solutions and AI applications

Juganu leverages lighting infrastructure to provide a wireless platform of advanced services for a more connected, productive, and safe environment indoors and outdoors, at a fraction of the cost and time.


Global strategic partnership:

Juganu for Smart City

Juganu for Smart Retail

Unified platform | Powerful AI applications

Juganu eliminates the need for multiple vendors, and more importantly, the need for a separate infrastructure for each system.

Juganu's platform gets you up and running in days, rather than years, and demonstrates value quickly. It presents a fully integrated platform with advanced capabilities, including connectivity (Wi-Fi/5G), smart lighting, AI applications, an IoT framework, and support for 3rd party apps. Forget about complex projects, expensive infrastructure, and long implementation cycles.

Energy-efficient and Sustainable Solutions

Less energy Up to 80%

Contribute to ESG goals

Less materials

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