Combined circadian and UV light debuts in beauty salon

Combined circadian and UV light debuts in beauty salon

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Lux Review Editorial Team 19 January 2021

The INDUSTRY’s first combined circadian and disinfection lighting system has been installed in a beauty salon.

The LED panels mimic the sun – including artificial sunrises and sunsets – but also disinfect the store using UV-A ultraviolet light during the day and UV-C at night when the space is unoccupied. 

The J.Protect system – which its maker, Israeli firm Juganu, says can safely inactivate up to 99.9 per cent of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 – has been installed at the Glo salon in Lake Mary, Florida.

The lighting has two disinfection modes: Allegro, which is continuous and can be used safely while people are present in a room; and Presto, which is accelerated to disinfect an area within minutes once cleared of people. 

J. Protect, says Juganu, is also the only lighting technology to develop a circadian overhead lighting system that promotes well-being through the recreation of natural light shifts – based on sunrise and sunset – ‘providing the safest, healthiest light possible’.

‘We developed J-Protect exactly for small businesses like Glo that not only want to safely survive, but truly thrive,’ Juganu CEO and co-founder, Eran Ben-Shmuel told Lux. 

The lights can be controlled remotely from a mobile app both during and after operating hours

The J. Protect lighting technology has been clinically validated in Israel, with more studies underway in the US and Europe, and is EPA-registered in the U.S.

The company revealed that it is also exploring the possibility of installing the J.Protect in cars.  In recent tests with French automaker Renault, the company revealed that J. Protect can disinfect up to 99.9 per cent of pathogens inside a car cabin in just five minutes.

Founded in 2011, Juganu holds 43 patents for its LED lighting. It’s headquartered in Tel Aviv, and has rapidly-growing offices in the US, Mexico and Brazil.