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Founded in 2011 and deployed across four continents, Juganu provides the fastest and most economical way for cities and businesses to become smarter and greener through the most ubiquitous source - light.
Juganu is the Urdu word for firefly-an insect that primarily communicates through light.

Our Mission:

Where there is light

There is Juganu

Juganu’s mission is to converge the benefits of the digital  into the physical world by enabling safe, connected environments. We combine lighting with an AI-edge-compute platform to monitor, analyze, and secure public spaces.


We believe great things happen when we are connected. Juganu wants everyone to be connected seamlessly, indoor and outdoor


We generate trillions of data points every day, it's our responsibility to treat that data safely and respectfully, ensuring the highest standards of privacy


What could you do if your street felt as safe as your living room? at Juganu, we're on a mission to build better, brighter, and more people-focused environments

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