Juganu utilizes the lighting grid to create digital environments and provide advanced communication and AI services. It gathers data efficiently using sensors, processes it at the edge, and wirelessly transmits it to the server. The platform's space-specific information enables valuable insights for enhanced safety and efficiency.


Juganu demonstrates powerful AI capabilities with a wide range of advanced applications and services.

The concept encompasses three layers:

The foundation layer - Smart Fixtures:
This layer incorporates edge computing capabilities, access points (5G small cell and WiFi), sensors, and smart lighting. These components collect, process, and transfer data through a proprietary wireless backhaul.

Shared Data layer:
Juganu facilitates the internal processing of the collected data, performing tasks such as object detection, cropping, and tracking. This data can also be seamlessly transferred to the cloud for further processing, enabling smooth integration with third-party services.

Application layer:
Juganu offers native apps that leverage the collected data, while also providing access to third-party apps through public APIs. This opens up possibilities for various applications such as security applications, people analytics and BI, vehicle and traffic analysis, parking management, environmental data, and more.


Juganu has developed a proprietary multi-level wireless backhaul, purposefully designed to leverage the geometry (spacing, height, and other parameters) of lighting infrastructure. This optimized design maximizes the transport layer efficiency from the far edge. With a powerful network architecture, it enables seamless connectivity of hundreds of nodes to the transport network, ensuring no loss of bandwidth during transmission.

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