Juganu has developed managed fixtures that illuminate, collect and transfer data, provide 5G/WiFi access, and run advanced applications - all wirelessly connected through a proprietary network allowing the management, data delivery between fixtures, and advanced services.


FIXTURE Technology Concept

Juganu fixtures demonstrate powerful AI capabilities by using raw data for a variety of advanced applications and services.

The concept embodies three layers in each fixture:
Foundation layer: incorporates Smart lighting, Access point (5G small cell and WiFi), Camera, sensors, and computing capabilities, all collecting, processing, and transferring data through proprietary backhaul.

Collected Data layer: Juganu enables the internal processing of the collected data - such as object detection, cropping, and tracking - which can also be transferred to the cloud for additional processing for 3rd party services.

Application layer: Juganu provides native apps that use the collected data and also allows access to 3rd party apps through public APIs: such as Traffic management, shelf management, queue optimization, store management, marketing, analytics, etc.

Maximum Privacy: We take personal privacy very seriously - we do not capture identifiable images, taking care to produce only data and digital signatures of objects which cannot be hacked in any way or reused to track individuals.



Juganu’s proprietary multi-level wireless backhaul, specifically designed to benefit the geometry (spacing, height, and other parameters) of lighting infrastructure to optimize the transport layer from the far edge. A powerful network design allows seamless connectivity of hundreds of nodes to the transport network ensuring no loss of bandwidth on hops. The levels are: "Basic" coverage unit (BUBBLE) connects 10-100 nodes, via the wireless network and "Advanced" Coverage units (GLOBULE) connect 10’s of BUBBLES, via wireless network providing 1Gbps per BUBBLE and 10-100Gbps per GLOBULE.

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