Smart Retail Solutions

Product Family information

The NanoSun family of Planar JLED lighting by Juganu is efficient, lightweight and reliable. High system efficacy allows significant
 energy savings of 60%-80% compared to standard light fixtures,
 while achieving outstanding Ra and dot-free uniformity. Negligible reduction of light over time of under 1% per year allows stable
 lighting for many years. Optimized optics direct the light where it is needed, providing uniform illumination.

The NanoSun family is wirelessly controlled by sophisticated software on Android devices, which allows autonomous operation and accurate power management, combined with continuous color shift, control of light intensity & spectrum.

NanoSun is designed to meet retail & office requirements and available
in a recessed or suspended version.

NanoSun 9 Smart has an embedded video camera and a microphone
and meets the following international standards for retail light: ANSI / UL 1598- DLC | UL 8750 | EMC- FCC CFR.