QAR Purchase Order Appendix:

Valuable Supplier / Sub-contractor, 





  1. The order, prices and delivery date must be confirmed by fax / e-mail within 24 hours of receiving the order. 
  2. Do not exceed the ordered quantity that appears in the order bar. 
  3. Any change in the delivery date (introduction or delay) in relation to what appears on the order line must be confirmed in advance by the purchasing department. 
  4. In case of delay on the delivery date in relation to the order line, without obtaining prior approval, Juganu will deduct from the product price 0.5% for each week of arrears. 
  5. Juganu is entitled to cancel the order if the manufacturer / supplier has been delayed in the delivery period for more than 30 days. 
  6. Juganu may cancel orders in the order 30 days prior to the date of supply, except in cases where the supplier received written approval to produce surpluses for inventory. 
  7. Items / goods that do not meet the requirements set forth in the order or specification shall be returned to the supplier at his own expense, within 30 days from the date of receipt at the Juganu warehouse. 
  8. All goods will be supplied with original COC from the manufacturer confirming compliance with the terms of the order and this Annex. 
  9. All items in the shipment must comply with the requirements of the ROHS standard, unless specifically stated in the NON ROHS. 
  10. The Supplier commits to the manufacturer’s warranty for one year for the items supplied (unless stated otherwise in the order). 
  11. If the order body mentions the final customer, the applicable customer requirements should be implemented within this order and subcontractors. 
  12. The supplier will ensure that the workers that going to produce ordered item:                                                                                                                                 
  13. Are aware of their contribution to the adaptation of services and products.        
  14. Contribution to product safety 

The importance of ethical behavior according with the Professional Codes Of Ethics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Packaging and shipments:

  1. If otherwise stated in the order, the transportation to Juganu’s reception is under the responsibility of the supplier. 
  2. Electronic and electro-mechanical components shall come in whole or original antistatic or original packaging. 
  3. An order number and order number must be stated on the delivery / invoice. 
  4. The manufacturer / supplier is responsible for supplying the goods packed for shipment in a manner that will prevent damage or damage to the goods. 
  5. Avoid foreign object debris in the production and packaging processes (FOD). 
  6. Label on packaging – Manufacturer / Supplier name, Juganu part number, Order number, description, quantity, and number of packages. 
  7. For any shipping info please contact us by mail: [email protected], or by phone: 972-545-225727.


Quality Assurance: 

All Suppliers Must Comply with ISO9001 Requirements 


  1. Juganu or its customers, upon an ahead approved schedule, are eligible to carry out a quality-audit of the PO items at the supplier’s premises. 
  2. If necessary, the supplier will enable the performance of coverage by Juganu’s customer at his facilities. 
  3. The final tests of 100% Inspection that will be performed by the supplier will be carried out only on finished items and packed for shipment. 
  4. The supplier Incoming Inspection tests shall be 100% inspection from the whole batch. 
  5. In the event of disqualification, the producer shall perform a re-examination at his own expense and shall submit the dish again. 
  6. If an original inspection is required, the shipment will be carried out only after Juganu’s Quality Controller or a representative on his behalf has approved in writing the dish / or will provide a usable tag. 
  7. The supplier will report to Juganu on any changes in the work processes as they relate to this order and will receive confirmation of the change in the product or process. 
  8. In the event of disqualification, supplier must submit a corrective and preventive action report within 7 days. Juganu may not receive additional delivery of the invalid item as long as this report has not been submitted. 
  9. Supplier’s Corrective Action Request (SCAR). When a quality problem exists with any supplier item, the Juganu may forward a SCAR to the supplier, requiring timely response that shall include the following information: analysis of the cause of the problem, a statement of the action taken to prevent recurrence, and the effectiveness of the action. 
  10. The supplier is not given the authority to approve deviations from the requirements of the drawings or specifications. If there is concern that an unsuitable product is sent to Juganu, the supplier will send within 24 hours a detailed report including the details of the non-conformity and potential implications for other products. 
  11. For any first item FAI will comply with the AS9102 standard or similar. The supplier is required to receive a quality assurance certificate/approval from Juganu. 
  12. The supplier shall maintain the quality records relating to this order for the entire life of the product for 7 years. Before the destruction of the records, the supplier will turn to Juganu for a permit to destroy them. 
  13. It is required to supply original raw materials in accordance with the requirements of the Counterfeit Materiel, Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel standard. The supplier is obliged to attach to each shipment documents attesting to the source of the raw materials used in the production of the order details. 
  14. Subcontracting of Supplier / Vendor will be accompanied by a series of quality requirements throughout the purchasing chain. 
  15. Prior to shipping the supplier shall submit ATR (Acceptance Test Report) and FAI report for each product that shall be approved by Juganu QA & Engineering department. Only after confirmation of Engineering & Quality department should the supplier send the ordered product. 
  16. FAI report will be carried out and include when: 
  17. Once the product is being produced for the first time 
  18. Elements of a product’s design are changed 
  19. The suppliers’ location changes 
  20. Production of the part resumes after a hiatus of at least two years 
  21. The production process changes 
  22. Juganu requests it 
  23. One FAI finalized ,its will  be approved by Juganu QA & Engineering department. Only after confirmation of Engineering & Quality department should the supplier send the ordered product. 
  24. Supplier will supply Sealing report for each Fixture/Unit if it necessary and was requested by Juganu. 
  25. Visual Inspection will be carried out for any surface ,meeting Juganu’s Paint quality control and acceptance tests # JL-PQS_2140, Rev 1.0. 

Material Self-Life: 

  1. Materials with expiry date, such as adhesives, shall be supplied in their original packaging specifying the date of production and the expiry date. 
  2. Materials with a limited life span shall be provided shelf life not less than 6 months from the date of supply, but with a different sum. 
  3. The period of time from the date of manufacture until the supply of electronic and electromechanical components shall not exceed 18 months.  

Special processes: 


  1. It is required to provide a self-validation certificate for each special process performed for this order, the certificate will include all the validation steps and 
    will be signed by QA. 
  2. In place of self-validation, a valid NAD-CAP certificate can be provided for the special process performed for this order. 
  3. The certificate shall refer to facilities, equipment, processes, and a working team for any work in this order involving coating, passivation, thermal treatment, 
    welding, soldering, cleaning, radiographic testing, magnetism or penetrating liquids and color processes. 
  5. Machining and Threading Parts: 
  7. In case there is a discrepancy between the drawing attached to the order and the edition appearing on the order, the purchasing department should be    
    immediately notified. In this case, do not initiate any action related to the production of the item. The production will be performed in the order. 
  8. For the parts of machining and packaging supplier need to add the COC of the raw material, a measurement report, the quality report for the coating materials, the quality report for the paint upon the standards requirements. 
  9. Inspection of items will be carried out on behalf of Juganu by a certified auditor or an external auditor on its behalf in the contractor’s yard and only with his 
    approval will the items be supplied to Juganu. 
  10. Repairs shall be carried out at the supplier’s responsibility and at the supplier’s expense, including transportation. 
  11. Finishing: Coating + paint shall be carried out according to the standard specified in the drawings. 
  12. If in the order body the end customer is mentioned, the special processes will be performed by suppliers approved by the end customer.  

Harnesses / braids and wiring: 


  1. Harnesses / wiring shall comply with the IPC-A-620 classification level CLASS 3. 
  2. Each new production batch creates a prototype and is approved by a light bulb prior to the production of the dish. 
  3. A Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Test Certificate shall be attached to electrical tests. 
  4. Each braid will be marked with a label that will include a number and edition and in each case, according to an approved drawing.   

Electronic and electronic components: 


  1. The components will come in the manufacturer’s complete and original antistatic or original packaging. ESD Sensitive Material All components, which are Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) and/or electromagnetic forces (EMF) sensitive, must be processed and packaged in accordance with DOD-STD-1686 or ANSI/ESD S20.20. 
  2. Components with long legs coming from the bottom of the component (such as capacitors, transistors, etc.) will be packed with protective enclosures on the 
    legs of the components. 
  3. If the items have been re-rolled / re-packaged – this should be indicated on the cylinder. 
  4. Make sure that the components in the screws are not loose and do not hurt each other. 
  5. Each COC must be accompanied by the manufacturer’s COC. 
  6. The requirements of the Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition must be met in its latest version – in all matters related to preventing the purchase of counterfeit components. 
  7. Authorized Distributors shall comply with the requirements of Standard Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Authorized/Franchised Distribution – in all matters relating to the prevention of the purchase of counterfeit components. 

Electronic Circuits / Assembling Electronic Circuits (Placement): 


  1. Printed circuitry – compliance with IPC-A-600 standards. Quality rating CLASS 3 and IPC6012) Training and certification (. Each coupon will receive coupons and quality reports. 
  2. Complex circuits – compliance with IPC-A-610 standards. Quality rating / CLASS 3 with COC + routing card. 
  3. Electronic cards shall be marked with identification stickers which shall include P / N.D / C.REV.S / N Contractor identification code (if otherwise stated in  
  4. the SOW order). 
  5. Use of bread materials (soldering / soldering paste) shall be in accordance with the end-user quality requirements that are threaded in the comments in this 
    order form.  

Payments and Charges Issues: 


  1. The number of relevant rows and the order number must be included on a tax invoice and each delivery note. 
  2. The number of the authorized dealer must be included on the tax invoice and the delivery note. 
  3. The tax- invoice will be submitted in $ USA. 
  4. Juganu will make the payment according to the price that was agreed upon or from the date specified in the order, whichever is later. 
  5. If the price is determined in a currency other than $ USA, Juganu has the right to choose the currency payment transaction.