Estella family of Street & Road lights by Juganu are efficient, lightweight and reliable. High system efficacy of up to 150 LPW allows significant electricity savings of 75-90% compared to HPS and 30% compared to other LEDs. Negligible reduction of light with time of under 3% per year allows stable lighting for many years. Optimized optics direct the light where it is needed, providing uniform illumination, while meeting the international standards for Street & Road lights.

  • JLED fixtures withstand severe weather conditions, such as tropical rains and proximity to the sea.
  • Estella family provides infrastructure for smart city and incorporates various pre-installed modules, such as sophisticated wireless communication with cloud management and control software and GPS, which allows autonomous operation, accurate power management module and AC total protection module.
  • Estella family supports the ANSI C136.41 for remote management system.


  • Efficient, uniform and glare free light
  • 75-90% savings in electricity costs
  • 95% saving in maintenance costs
  • Long Guaranteed operating lifetime
  • Easy installation
  • Increase safety for drivers, riders and pedestrians


  • 2 separate compartments for LED Modules and Driver, for maintenance purposes and heat separation
  • Each LED chip has its own lens made of PMMA or Silicon
  • CCT (Typical) – 3000K / 6500K
  • Several types of optics for various road conditions
  • Lateral distribution: Type II,III
  • Longitudinal distribution:, Short,Medium
  • Photo-biologic: IEC62471 Complied, with risk group exempt
  • Blue Light: IEC62778, IEEE1789


  • Dimensions (mm)

    Up to 75W - 578x337x101
    Up to 150W- 685x337x101
    Up to 225W- 793x337x101
    Up to 300W- 900x337x101
  • Weight

    Up to 75W- 6.9 kg
    Up to 150W-10 kg
    Up to 225W-12 kg
    Up to 300W-12.3 kg
  • Warranty

    10 years
  • Maintenance & MTBF

    Light reduction < %3 per year
    MTBF > 900,000 hours Telcordia SR-332 (Bellcore)
  • Power Consumption

    0 to 400 W
  • Surge Protection

    10KVA Protection
  • Power Factor

    > 0.92, max current THD 15% at 220V
  • System Efficacy

    up to 150 LPW (including PS & Optics)
  • Nominal Voltage

    100 – 240VAC
  • Maximal Voltage

    90 – 305 VAC
  • Operating Frequency

    47 – 63 Hz
  • Ingress Protection Rating

    IP66 (with Salt fog and UV treatment)
  • Operating Temperature

    –25° to 50°C ambient
  • Cooling

    "Passive Cooling"
    (Junction Temperature < 50°C)
  • Impact Shock

  • Lumen Maintenance

    LM80, TM21
    L70 ≥ 100,000 hours
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

    3000K - 6500K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)

  • Material

    Aluminum, Glass, Cast Aluminum with electrostatic powder paint
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