Our Vision

We strive to create a fully connected world that offers people, smart and sustainable solutions for all areas of life, envisioning a healthier, cleaner, safer, and greener world.

Juganu’s groundbreaking technology enables smarter, more sustainable cities and spaces of the future. As part of its green approach, Juganu supports 9 of the 17th UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Juganu is an end2end wireless, IoT sensor and Wifi incorporated platform, ready for you to collect data points and build the SaaS applications that make your City or Retail space move like clockwork. Juganu helps you minimize construction disruption and solution bloat in a scalable, sustainable, secure system.

Cutting 70-80% of carbon emissions

  • Juganu’s platform provides the industry with the tools to understand and enact meaningful global change, first and foremost, affordable internet access that can reduce inequality of access for everyone.
  • Juganu’s platform offers municipalities control over their environmental footprint, better urban planning, and cutting carbon emissions by 70- 80%. The platform supports waste management and recycling programs.
  • Juganu’s platform enables multiple sustainable and green alerts such as water leaks, pollution, traffic jams, etc.
  • Juganu’s platform reduces light pollution in urban areas, protecting endangered species.
  • Juganu’s platform is innovative enabling third-party applications to share innovative use cases.
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